The Turner Prize 2020 #stuckism #turnerprize

The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists award last years Turner Prize to The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists exhibition “The First Stuckist Porn Star” by Edgeworth Johnstone. Cheque please.

Interview with Edgeworth Johnstone, winner of the 2020 Turner Prize:

Edgeworth Johnstone – Winner of the 2020 Turner Prize as awarded by The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists.

Press: What does it feel like to have won last year’s Turner Prize?

EJ: It feels great.

Press: Do you feel bad about all those Stuckist demos you took part in, now you’ve gone on to win the prize yourself?

EJ: Yes, I feel guilty.

Press: What are you going to do with all the money?

EJ I’m going to buy EWT crypto.

Press: It that wise?

EJ: Yes.

Press: What do you like most about The Turner Prize?

EJ: I like the name and the money.

Press: If you hadn’t have won, who else do you think might have?

EJ: Pardon.

Press: I said, If you hadn’t have won, who else do you think might have?

EJ: I think it would have been a man in his mid-thirties from outside of London.

Press: For those who didn’t see it, what can you tell us about your Turner Prize winning exhibition?

EJ: It’s called “The First Stuckist Porn Star” and is permanently online for anyone on the internet to see. It’s a series of pornographic GIF’s uploaded onto my Redgifs, and more recently, my Xvideos account. Most of my porn is on Pornhub, but not these ones. I want to keep my Pornhub porn above a certain standard.

The exhibition can be seen alongside The Other Muswell Stuckists manifesto, Stuckism as Porn. We, at The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists, see porn as a better fit for the principles of Stuckism than painting. Furthermore, we see pornography as the medium of self-discovery, not painting.

Press: Have you switched to porn then, from painting?

EJ: The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists publish both.

Press: Do you see a future where porn will be displayed in national art galleries?

EJ: Yes.

Press: What is the best art in the world?

EJ: Zenra videos that have been translated. We need to move technology on, so we can hold an instant translator up to the computer and it speaks to you in English as the actors are speaking Japanese.

Press: What’s the most interesting thing you can think of saying?

EJ: Last year’s Turner Prize had a Stuckist demo against it online that no-one saw. The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists are preparing to restart print club after we’ve both had our covid jabs.

Press: Does coronavirus attack art?

EJ: No, but artists can get it, so you have to be careful.

Press: Is Stuckism still relevant?

EJ: Yes, The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists are hosting band practice for Edgeworth. Gigs should start up again soon where manifestos may be available for reading while we play. The Stuckism as Porn one.

Press: What about the other The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists manifestos?

EJ: No, it will just be the most recent one.

Press: What is Stuckism?

EJ: Stuckism is an international art movement of painters, started in 1999 by UK artists Charles Thomson and Billy Childish. It is pro-painting and anti-conceptual art?

Press: What is art?

EJ: Art is things people make that look good.

Press: What is a tree?

EJ: A tree is big plant with wood for a stem.

Press: How many paintings have you done?

EJ: Exactly 1000.

Press: How are your vids going on Pornhub?

EJ: Things have been slow.

Press: What does The Turner Prize do for contemporary art?

EJ: It is a competition for artists to try and make some money and get well known.

Press: What’s the best thing about The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists?

EJ: Print club on Friday nights.

Press: Plug your band.

EJ: Emma Pugmire and I play music at print club and put the vids on YouTube.

Press: Any final thoughts?

EJ: Stuckism is the best.

Press: Thanks for doing the interview.

EJ: Thank you for asking the questions.

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