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Only one entrant, but Episode 1 of Porntrait Artist of the Year goes to Edgeworth Johnstone with the painting Men Pissing on Each Other. The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists declare Stuckism, in its truest form, belongs to the world of solo amateur pornography, not painting, as the original Stuckists declared. Let not the brush silence the bodies scream. Who cares about the subtle differences between painting and illustration, sculpture and architecture, NFT’s and New Media? There aren’t any. The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists accept painting as illustration, sculpture as architecture, a digital asset is only a digital asset. None are art. Art is exclusively porn. Stuckism as porn as Stuckism is porn.

Men Pissing on Each Other by Edgeworth Johnstone –

The winning artwork of episode 1 wasn’t a painting, but the pornographic video of a pornographic painting being made. Very Turner Prize. In true Stuckist fashion, consider the Black Ivory Printmaking Club studio, that is, the home studio of The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists. To understand fully this art movement’s perspective, one must first familiarise oneself with the Stuckism as Porn manifesto, loosely based on the original Stuckist manifesto of 1999, to which The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists had no input. In fact, the Muswell Hill group only came into existence some 9 years after the fist Stuckist manifesto was published. Heck, Edgeworth didn’t even start painting until 2005. Till then, focusing on his music career.

It has been said that Stuckism took conceptual art a step further, into being a painting. Let is also be said that The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists are taking Stuckism a further step further, into being pornography. The purest manifestation of the initial principles of Stuckism. Identifying the San Fernando Valley district as the Tate Modern of the porn world. Moreover, the porn world is the art world. The art world is a retailer of novelty furniture, like a pickled shark or unmade bed. Soho would be the pickled shark of porn and Edgeworth’s unmade bed would be the Stuckism Gallery in Shoreditch. Don’t look for it, it’s not there anymore. The unmade bed that didn’t win the Turner Prize would be the click bait sitcomy clips in the sidebars and footers of the big blue chip porn sites. These porn sites are the white wall galleries the Stuckists object to and despise (when they’re not exhibiting in them) which Edgeworth, also seemingly hypocritically, chooses as a platform for his greatest artworks. As the writer of this article, Edgeworth explains that it is the Stuckists duty to be wrong, so whatever a Stuckist does, the Stuckist is always right. This is fundamental to the Stuckist manifesto, and The Founding, Manifesto and Rules of The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists published in 2009, on the centenary of the Futurists manifesto, who the Other Muswell Hill declare as being useless.

Blowjob Man by Edgeworth Johnstone – – makes a brief appearance in Episode 1

To see the full, hour long, unedited version of Porntrait Artist of the Year – Episode 1, see Edgeworth Johnstone’s Pornhub profile, or his Official Site at (we can’t provide you with the link, as it is an adult, uncensored pornographic website.) The SFW YouTube version is below. Although even for this, you will need to unlock YouTube’s defalut age-restriction (over 18’s only).

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