Why Stuckism is Nonsense

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Anal fingering, dildo and cumming on feet are all dominant themes in Episode 2 of Porntrait Artist of the Year. Off the cuff jazz choreography typical of The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists and their insightful take on the groundbreaking Stuckist manifesto of 1999. A manifesto the Muswell Hillians re-wrote to elimate the confusing and redundant inclusion of painting

Cumshot outdoors by Edgeworth Johnstone is the first painting from the Porntrait Artist of the Year series made available for sale. Currently £300 at Edgeworth’s offical porn site (edgeworthjohnstone.com).

But why? and why now?

Cumshot Outdoors by Edgeworth Johnstone – stuckism.co.uk – Episode 2’s winning porntrait

Artists who don’t porn aren’t artists. If it is the Stuckist’s duty to explore his/her neurosis and innocence, then it only stands to reason that it is also his/her duty to make and publish amateur gay porn. You can not enrich society with paint. If painting gave a shared form to individual experience and an individual form to shared experience, everyone would be googling it. People google porn because porn is Stuckism.

The Stuckist calls for an art that is alive with all aspects of human experience. Try getting that in a painting. It’s nonsense. Only The Other Muswell Stuckists get and do true Stuckism.

Below is the painting from Episode 2 of Porntrait Artist of the Year. If you want to buy it, it’s acrylic on unstretched canvas. Contact me for details on my porn site edgeworthjohnstone.com (over 18’s only).

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