Art is unevolving

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Art history is to be re-written. There is no contemporary art.

The current arrangement of historical art is based on contemporary self-interest and biased misinformation.

Young Bauhaus Artists work alongside Young British Artists.

Alterations and alternatives should not be assumed progressive.

Title, medium, artist and year of creation are the standard data of an artwork. The omission of the age of artist is significant and revealing.

Art history, arranged by age at time of creation is of more relevance than the accepted timeline based on date of creation.

Art is frozen and unevolving.

Art by a 26 year old man is always by a 26 year old man. Art history has been anthropomorphised.

Restoration is not an evolutionary process.

Evolution is development. Development is towards a more advanced or effective state. The evolution of art by date of creation is a false assumption, fundamental to how art history has been recorded.

The stark truth of all artistic creations must be accepted.

All art is equally historical.

Art is a record of personal circumstance.

Art history was written for story books.

Edgeworth Johnstone of The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists

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