Darwinism Supports Stuckism

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Duchamp saw the changing role of the artist. Warhol saw the fascination with celebrity. Stuckism sees the dead end this leads to. It may appear the opposite, and ironic, but Stuckism is the most responsive art movement to the changes of the modern world.

Stuckism is seen as the reactionary conservative laughing at Impressionism. But today’s the reverse. Being different, radical, and challenging in themselves doesn’t mean anything. Impressionism saw the popular view of contemporary art was against artistic freedom. Post-impressionism, cubism, fauvism took advantage of it. Now you can stick blu-tac on the wall and call it art. All that’s left to challenge is the definition of art itself. It’s inevitable, if you keep rejecting the values of what preceded, you end up with nothing. A boring dead-end. The idea of the Turner Prize being interesting and controversial, is believing we live in the stuffy conservative world the Impressionists did. The reactionary conservatives are the art establishment, the aggressive art colleges, and the obedient critics.

Being new isn’t new. You can’t have artistic freedom, if you’re rejecting artistic values.

We ignore the whims of the art world, because we do what our paintings tell us. This is freedom.

Van Gogh adapts to change, because people themselves are pretty much the same as they were thousands of years ago, painting on cave walls. Pickled farm animals in a gallery, it just is what it is. The art and artist are nowhere. So once the trend has gone, so is its future.

Edgeworth Johnstone of The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists
Jan 6th 2013

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