Now Black Francis is a Stuckist

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Published in The Other Muswell Hill Stuckist newspaper, December 2012.


Taken from Edgeworth Johnstone’s blog, 2 Dec 2012 – If the words of the Stuckist manifesto were changed slightly, so it was about music instead of painting, I think it would describe a lot of punk bands. Not punk as a style, but like Michael Stipe calls REM punk. Or the Stuckists being punk, even if it’s not punk looking. I don’t know if the Pixies are thought of as a punk band, but for a band I’ve loved since I started playing, it’s so good Black Francis started a Stuckist group.

Before forming The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists I was in bands since 16 years old. The only I was happy with though are ‘2 out of 3 Rule’ and ‘Elbow Sisters’ (the band I’m in now with my wife and fellow Other Muswell Hill Stuckist, Shelley Li).

Others from Stuckism: Joe Machine, Ella Guru, Paul Harvey, Mark D, Chris Yates…and from the original Stuckists, now Ex-Stuckists: Billy Childish, Sexton Ming, Wolf Howard all in punk bands before Stuckism.

Black Francis of the Amherst Stuckists at Billy Childish’s studio in Chatham Dockyard, Kent, UK. This painting is a work in progress collaboration with Edgeworth Johnstone.

Black Francis and Edgeworth Johnstone painting area in Billy Childish’s art studio.

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