Publicly released internal manifesto 1

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The general public’s banality is greater than that of the establishment.

Tyrannical elitist favouritism and the discerning rejection of democracy are essential leadership qualities, if we are to avoid being swamped by traditionalist humdrum. Sir Nicholas Serota’s genius is useful and justified. 

Arts only hope is to be irrelevant.

An artists only hope is to be ignored or disgraced.

Contemporary art vomits and laughs at Stuckism’s cringing behaviour on the steps of Tate Britain, YouTube and in their galleries.

It’s an artists responsibility to make white wall galleries reminiscent of a dirty cafe in Rochester.

Pity is for those dirtied with contemporary arts cleanliness, and the obsession for being cool or respected.

Artists must be vehemently ordinary and unoriginal, if they are to achieve the mundane.

Stuckists must not parade as victims.

The respectable rights of passage, status, recognition and reputation chasing must be left to contemporary art.

Art history is a thing of the past. It was concluded by Stuckism. The future of art history is to be abused and re-written in to worthlessness by the business consortium of contemporary art.

The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists deserve and want no place in the future of art history.

The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists are a campaign of discredibility and disassociation.

Contemporary art can’t accept the insignificance of art.

Ignorance offends the ignorant intellectual, as its art declares them useless.

The artist is always intolerant, making contemporary art always desperate to impress.

Contemporary arts elitist and distinguished audience, are the drones and dregs of society.

Edgeworth Johnstone of The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists

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