Stuckism is the True Art World

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The false art world is a playground for businessmen and media types. An easy life of pantomime art and social events. The true art world is vision and emotion, where money is irrelevant.
History eventually distinguishes between the two. The true art to remember, and the establishments false art to forget. Fads look very different when they’re not in fashion anymore. True art, like Van Gogh’s, is timeless.
Stuckism is the true art of today. The final, consolidating chapter of Modernism.

1. Stuckism is a British Art Movement. If Tate had a clue, they would be proud of us.

2. Tate exhibit paintings like they’re skinned animals hanging in a butchers van. Stuck in Wood Green was true art in the true world. The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists offer their expertise to Tate, in re-designing and re-curating their galleries.

3. We protest against The Turner Prize to do Tate’s job for them; promoting Stuckism. The Turner Prize on its own, doesn’t deserve a demonstration. It is just a conveyor belt of false art.

4. We are amateurs by heart, and professional by necessity of staying amateur. This is how to exist outside the false art world.

5. Art colleges are part of it too.

6. Art needs humanity. False art mimics.

7. Art needs an open-mind. Stuckism isn’t anti-conceptual art from being closed and dishonest to its qualities, but in being open and honest about it not having any. Modernism is proof of figurative paintings unique power in visual art to express the soul so directly. Stuckism is a call to value this. Not rubbish it because the false art world tells you to.

Edgeworth Johnstone of The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists

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