Tate “Painting Now” manifesto

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Cerebral art is anti-art. Tate’s “Painting Now” exhibition is figurative painting as anti-art.

Dry, pondering nonsense and posthumous studies are anti-art.

Painting Now is deader than the Turner Prize.

Look at the artists, their backgrounds, their galleries, it’s the same business back-scratching between the same people as the Turner Prize. It’s a money show.

Postmodernism brought political correctness and death to art. “Painting Now” is just an extension of it.

Klee’s show is on at Modern. He stopped and thought, but had enigma, suspense, life and love. His art doesn’t come across like bootleg wine, or the disappointing feeling of someone trying to impress you. Go and see him instead.

Ben Luke: “…painting can do something no other media can do”. Agreeable enough and safely vague. If he went on to say what it was, they would be calling him a ‘fascist’, and we would be calling him a ‘critic’.

Edgeworth Johnstone of The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists

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