What is Outsider Art?

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Outsider Art is a lie.

There is art and anti-art. There is no outsider art.

The Outsider Art industry pretends to be rejected by Contemporary Art.

Outsider Art is a valued and prominent bastion of Contemporary Art.

In the real world, ‘outsider artists’ are called ‘artists’.

There are no self-taught artists. If there were, they would most likely be found in art college.

The outsider artists life story is a gimmick.

Fascination with the imprisoned, tortured obsessive manifestations of mental illness, is not an appreciation of art, or a discovery of unrestrained artistic freedom.

The Outsider Art Fair is a politically correct Degenerate show.

Stuckism is the politically incorrect version of what the Outsider Art industry want Outsider Art to be.

The self-declaring outsider artist is an opportunistic salesman.

The academics, fawning over adorably naive outsider artists, is romanticised nonsense, and a misrepresentation of authenticity.

Art students would learn more in a Viennese mental institution.

Art isn’t defined by surroundings, circumstance or biographies.

Outsider Art is riddled with good taste, and NHS social workers.

Outsider Art is Stuckism for luvvies.

Outsider Art is a bull fighting arena.

Outsider Art is a meaningless, glory-seeking definition, fraught with despicable hidden agendas.

Edgeworth Johnstone of The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists

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