STUCKISM : NFT Art Manifesto

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1. NFT art is a lie.

2. NFT’s are a way of enabling buyers to financially support artists they like. Artists they like so much, they don’t want to own any of their work.

3. NFT’s are the art inspired wing of the cyberspace integration plan. Alienate generations from each other, freeing the younger to be sucked deeper and deeper into their smartphones, away from any true notion of value, life and reality.

4. The lies designed to scare the public away from Bitcoin nirvana were starting to unravel, so they invented NFT’s to make these lies true about, at least something.

5. Art that has to be in a yacht club to be art isn’t art.

6. NFT’s are not fucking true.

7. What you own, when you buy NFT art is independent of the art. You own a digital gambling chip. Wrapped in a jpg free as a bird.

Edgeworth Johnstone of The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists

22 June 2022

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