Tracey Emin’s Attitude Problem Lives On

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First published in The Other Muswell Hill Stuckist newspaper, December 2012.


Someone slated Stuckism under one of our Youtube videos, saying we’re ‘stuck’, and ‘not realizing it’s 2012, not 1912.’ Like Tracey Emin’s insult that named Stuckism. Like painting can’t relate to modern life. It’s old fashioned because it’s painting. Stuckists are stuck for not being contemporary for its own sake, or stuck with the thinking you have to choose new ways of making art to say anything new. Like Sir Nicholas Serotas ‘radical unseating of painting and sculpture’, Paul Myners CBE, saying ‘Painting is the medium of yesterday’. People being pretty much the same as thousands of years ago, and art being about human experience doesn’t seem to count for anything. If it’s like fashion, progressing just because time is, always away from what it’s changed from, it’s less about being human as being told what you’re no longer supposed to do. Camberwell Art college telling one of its students, Stuckist S P Howarth, he hadn’t done any work, as his paintings didn’t count as work. They weren’t acceptable in ‘contemporary practice’. Stuckism may be anti conceptual art, but it’s at least based on the work. Stuckism thinks conceptual art is missing artistic values, often to the point of not being art. It wouldn’t rubbish an artist for not being in vogue.

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