Stuckism Manifesto as Porn


(est. 2021)

“Your porn is stuck,

you are stuck!

Stuck! Stuck! Stuck!”

Edgeworth Johnstone – Pornhub Porn Star –

  1. Stuckism as Porn is the quest for authenticity. By removing the mask of cleverness and admitting where we are, Stuckism as Porn allows itself uncensored expression.
  2. Porn is a medium of self-discovery. It engages the person fully with a process of action, emotion, thought and vision, revealing all of these with intimate and unforgiving breadth and detail.
  3. Stuckism as Porn proposes a model of porn which is holistic. It is a meeting of the conscious and unconscious, thought and emotion, spiritual and material, private and public.
  4. Stuckism as Porn is wholeheartedly engaged in the process of making porn. Success to Stuckism as Porn is to get out of bed in the morning and make porn.
  5. It is Stuckist as Porn’s duty to explore its neurosis and innocence through the making of porn and displaying it in public, thereby enriching society by giving shared form to individual experience and an individual form to shared experience.
  6. Stuckism as Porn is amateur (amare, Latin, to love). It takes risks on camera rather than hiding behind ready-made norms. The amateur, far from being second to the professional, is at the forefront of experimentation, unencumbered by the need to be seen as infallible. Leaps of human endeavour are made by the intrepid individual, because he/she does not have to protect their status. Unlike the professional, Stuckism as Porn is not afraid to fail.
  7. Porn is mysterious. It creates worlds within worlds, giving access to the unseen psychological realities that we inhabit. The results are radically different from the materials employed.
  8. Stuckim as Porn calls for a porn that is alive with all aspects of human experience; dares to communicate its ideas in primeval porn; and possibly experiences itself as not at all clever!
  9. San Fernando Valley’s constant striving for public recognition results in a constant fear of failure. Stuckism as Porn risks failure wilfully and mindfully by daring to transmute his/her ideas through the realms of porn. Whereas the ego-artist’s fear of failure inevitably brings about an underlying self-loathing, the failures that Stuckism as Porn encounters engage him/her in a deepening process which leads to the understanding of the futility of all striving. Stuckism as Porn doesn’t strive — which is to avoid who and where you are — Stuckism as Porn engages with the moment.
  10. Stuckism as Porn gives up the laborious task of playing games of novelty, shock and gimmick. Stuckism as Porn neither looks backwards nor forwards but is engaged with the study of the human condition. Stuckism as Porn champions process over cleverness, content over void, and porn over smugness.
  11. If it is San Fernando Valley’s wish to always be clever, then it is Stuckism as Porn’s duty to always be wrong.
  12. Stuckism as Porn is opposed to the sterility of San Fernando Valley and calls for porn to be made at home with no lighting rigs and access to sofas, tables, chairs and cups of tea. The surroundings in which porn is made should not be artificial and vacuous. 

Edgeworth Johnstone – Pornhub Porn Star –

First published by The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists

2 thoughts on “Stuckism Manifesto as Porn

  1. Absolutely fascinating manifesto. It absolutely fits with the content that I see by Edgeworth Johnstone though I would question it perhaps in parts.. through my eyes at least, I do see some of the elements it is meant to appose very much on display in parts – elements of cleverness I think are very much there but even moreso I don’t think anybody could debate that the videos and works are not incredibly novel in many instances. As for failure, I do not know what might mark this but I’m not sure that I see it.. especially in the edited videos, surely everything remaining can only be what is intended and so not displaying failure? I would be interested to see what might constitute a failure in the work

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Nick. This is a slightly re-worded version of the main manifesto of the Stuckism art group, as I saw a lot of what they were writing about art, was also how I saw porn. Especially between amateur and professional porn. As for failure, I think the only failure is trying to avoid it. Thanks again. Edgeworth.


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