Remodernism Divided Manifesto

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Art dependent on technology isn’t art.

Technology damages art, wastes artists time, and distracts them. It hides the artist and is a barrier. The voice, paint brush and pencil are raw and superior. The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists see Remodernism as divided in to superior and inferior art forms.

To make your strongest art, you need to leave technology out of it as much as possible. Film’s flexibility is never theatre. Theatre is superior to film. Painting is superior to photography. Live performance is superior to recording. Technological imitations are always inferior. Effects and gizmos are weak substitutes.

Good music stands when stripped of its technology. Bad theatre relies on technological razzmatazz. Words don’t need to be exhibited in posh galleries, in pink neon lights.

Damien Hirst became a great artist when he ditched technology and started painting.
Hockney’s ipad doodles are an abomination.

The photographer doesn’t create. They lug technology around to imitate, or worse, enhance.

You can reproduce, with technology, thousands of identical versions of technology dependent art, to no detrimental effect. It was never the original experience in the first place. The canvas with the painters original marks, are true art.  With a print, you can only imagine what the real art is like. Technology, as always, gives you second-best, at best.

Limited edition prints are meaningless attempts to give false value to a weak artwork.

Drum machines are disgusting. We are anti-Futurists.

Edgeworth Johnstone of The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists
Jan 1st 2013.

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