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Cerebral art is anti-art. Tate’s “Painting Now” exhibition is figurative painting as anti-art. Too much stopping and thinking and forgetting, Art is explosive, there’s nothing left by the time they’ve stopped and thought about it. Painting is capturing, not posthumous studying. Painting Now is deader than the Turner Prize. Look at the artists, their backgrounds, their galleries, it’s the same business back-scratching between the same people as the Turner Prize. It’s a money show. Postmodernism brought political correctness and death to art. “Painting Now” is just an extension of it. Klee’s show is on at Modern. He stopped and thought, but had enigma, suspense, life and love. His art doesn’t come across like bootleg wine, or the disappointing feeling of someone trying to impress you. Go and see him instead. This is a manifesto.

The critics have been quite nice to the show. Ben Luke said “…painting can do something no other media can do”. Agreeable enough and safely vague. If he went on to say what it was, they would be calling him a fascist.

Stop Postmodernism killing off Picasso. For art, to artists trapped in art colleges, to bounce off pig-headed critics, to tell future generations what a useless bunch we were. Conceptual artists hate art. If you want violence, beauty, purity, there is painting or music. All painting is figurative. All visual art is painting. The investors, intellectuals, socialites, and decorators that are the backbone of the art world are anti-expressionists and art haters. Stuckism is what art has always been. We were Stuckists before we heard about it. True Stuckists are identifiable from understanding the Stuckist manifesto.

Limited edition prints are meaningless attempts to give false value to a weak artwork.

3D printers of the future can make paintings indistinguishable from the originals. It will be like digital downloads on the music industry.

Arguing artistic preference is like arguing sexual preference. If only one kind of sex toy was was allowed in all the major shops, the niche just have to get on, and open up their own shops. Only then is complaining allowed.

Edgeworth Johnstone of The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists

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