The Future Manifesto

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1. Stuckism, shunned by today’s establishment, will be an untapped grant and advertising gold mine for academics and institutions of the future. It is ironic that the self-serving motivations of the establishment, which today cause Stuckism to be marginalised, also guarantee Stuckism recognition in the future.

2. History isn’t kind to establishment malpractice, or those that follow suit.

3. Stuckism unites Modernism. It is the definitive statement on twentieth century art, Modernism and Post-modernism. Today’s establishment ignore this, vindicating Stuckism’s criticism of it.

4. Stuckism is an expanding, gaping hole in art criticism. It will either be recognised today, or be seen to have been deliberately marginalised. This has happened throughout art history.

5. Stuckism’s love for art will be appreciated. Sensitivity and honesty can be rebellious, angry, offensive, radical, uncensored and aggressive. The true enemies of art will be revealed.

6. It is also ironic, that for being seen as old-fashioned, Stuckism is proved to be ahead of its time.

7. Duchamp would not still be submitting urinals to art shows. He would be a Stuckist. The YBA’s are only seen as today’s Duchamp, because the false art worlds brain is too cowardly to move more than an inch away from what it already knows.

8. True Stuckist painting is above all other contemporary visual art. The future will identify and distinguish this work.

9. Future retrospectives of Stuckism will include Damien Hirst’s recent paintings, hung alongside today’s reviews that trashed both his and Stuckist paintings.

Edgeworth Johnstone of The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists

13th March 2013

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