Stuckism : Interviews with Charles Thomson

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In November 2012, I filmed a series of short talks by Charles Thomson on the subject of Stuckism (see below). Thomson co-founded Stuckism with Billy Childish in 1999. Childish left soon after.

Thomson and Childish’s work is included in my current exhibition of Stuckist paintings.

What is Stuckism?

A brief history of Stuckism

Stuckism in art history

Stuckism bibliography Part 1

Stuckism bibliography Part 2

Below: Shortly after the above interviews, in early 2013, I filmed two further interviews with Thomson about his work. Two paintings in particular, the first of which marked a pivotal change in direction. The second painting was a portrait of my then-wife, Shelley Li.

Both these paintings are in my current exhibition of Stuckist art.

New style of painting

Portrait of Shelley Li

Below: Charles and I at Tate Modern, 9th November 2013 discussing Tate.

Tate is mad

Below: Late 2013/ early 2014. Two interviews with Thomson painting at home.

The individual in the bigger picture

Painting at home

Below: An interview with Thomson at one of his solo shows. Crazy Over You Trispace Gallery , London, June 2014.

Crazy over you

See all the above interviews with Stuckism co-founder Charles Thomson in the YouTube playlist below:

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